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Founder, Eva, along with her two sisters and mother fled from South Asia to the US in 2010, after facing persecution for being evangelical Christians in a predominantly Muslim country. 

While living in Southeast Asia, she was exposed to the vast amount of abandoned and marginalized children there and had a heart to care for them. In 2016, during Eva’s visit back to South Asia, God revealed to her more clearly the needs of young kids living on the street and gave her the vision to serve these children by giving them hope for their futures. 

Even though Eva did not feel that she had adequate resources to help, she maintained her confidence that God did. In 2017, she began sharing this vision to different organizations throughout the US. One of the members from Rolling Hills Church, Dave, offered his guidance. He now serves as the CEO of Agape House Asia in the US. 

In 2018, Charlie, joined the board to serve as CFO. Eva served as the COO for 2 years and then courageously followed God's leading to move back in country to become the House Director. 

 Agape House Asia is governed by a US and South Asia board of directors. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.