Meet the Kids

The kids we care for have experienced far more trauma in their short lives than anyone should ever experience in a lifetime. They have gone through physical and sexual abuse, abandonment from their parents, extreme poverty, life on the streets, child slave labor and a complete lack of nurture. Each child has shown incredible resilience and responded well, in their own way, to the loving support they have received since becoming a part of the Agape House family. Their joy and strength has been an inspiration to us all. In order to respect the kids' privacy, we will not be disclosing personal details and information about their past. It is our hope and prayer that the current love and care they are receiving in a stable environment will overpower the darkness they once lived in. 

Prescila, 13

Miriam, 13

Rachel, 11

Jessica, 10

Shoun, 10

Joshua, 9

Mehak, 8

Alexia, 8

Erin, 7

Ashley, 7

Alex, 6

Khushi, 6

Aiden, 5

Edlina, 2