Frequently Asked Questions

Where in South Asia?

For the safety of the kids and our staff this will not be publicized. Please contact us for more information.

Why are there more girls than boys?

We initially started as a girls only House. Females are more frequently abandoned than males, because they are not considered a future source of income, therefore, they are seen as a burden to the family. The lack of emphasis placed on education for females shows this bias. Additionally, we wanted to foster an environment that promotes peace and safety for the girls to flourish; we believe this can be best accomplished by limiting the orphanage to predominantly young girls only.

We quickly realized that many orphaned girls have brothers though in need of a home and care as well. Because of this, when we intake children into our facility, if there is a sibling group, we keep them together. We do not want to introduce more trauma into their lives by separating girls from their brothers.

How many kids can the House support?

Our current infrastructure can house 10 children, however, if we continue to gain partners and donations, we plan to look for additional property to house more children. The need in this country is tremendous as there are literally tens of thousands of orphan girls in just the city the orphanage is located in.

What does my donation go towards?

100% of your donation goes towards meeting all the kid's needs. All US board members and directors are volunteers, so there is no administrative overhead. Your donation will provide quality food, excellent living conditions, security, a quality education for these kids and, most of all, adults that will love them every day. These are things these children never knew before they came to the orphanage. Our goal is to ensure donors know that every penny they give is accounted for. Financial decisions are made by the board of directors, so no one person has spending authority.

How does AHA get orphans?

Agape House Asia works with a network of in country Christian pastors to identify potential candidates. We then perform a background checks to ensure that the potential candidates are either true orphans (no living parents) or abandoned children (parents no longer want legal custody of their children and have left them on the streets). We then work through our lawyer to gain legal guardianship of the child. At that point, the child is under our guardianship.

I want to get involved. What can I do?

Our most important need is prayer. We are a Christian organization operating in a 98% Muslim country. Discrimination against Christians is commonplace and discrimination against Christian orphan girls is rampant. There is no social safety net for these girls – once they are on the street, they are on their own. Many won’t survive to adulthood. This is as hostile an environment as can be imagined and we are utterly dependent on the grace of God and our reliance on His guidance. 

Additionally; you can donate or sponsor a specific expense monthly. We strive to make the organization work as efficiently as possible. Our  goal is to ensure these children are cared for and loved, so that when they reach age 18 they are well prepared to be successful and true ambassadors of the love of Christ. Check out our Donate page for more information on this. 

Third, you can tell others about us. We can provide you literature and slides if you want to do a presentation at your church or small group. We may even be able to appear with you. 

Fourth, we may have other unique and specific needs, such as web and graphic design, that you can help with. Share your gifts and talents with us so that we can find an avenue for you to leverage those in helping the organization.

What about orphans identified as Muslim?

Orphans in this country are identified as the religion of their birth parent. We would like to care for as many children as possible, and in no way want to discriminate who we intake based on the child's parent's religion, however, the nation we operate in has a law that makes it illegal for Christian organizations to work with Muslim children. As such, we currently intake children identified to have biological Christian parents. 

Why are House expenses so high?

The economics of the country we operate in are very complicated. Expenses run high. Smaller items such as clothing, toiletries, and food are much more expensive than in the US, however, income runs much lower than the US. 

What is the long term vision for Agape House?

We are committed to keeping house sizes to around 10 children and no more than 14 children at a maximum. We believe this to be important for the overall wellbeing of the children, and want to keep them from feeling that they have grown up in an institution. Because of this, as an Agape house reaches max capacity and staffing and financial resources are there, we plan to open more small facilities across the region.